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Mini gets the Hollywood treatment

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Hammer and Coop

The humble mini over the years must have been the star car in many movies, the most popular of which of course is the Italian job, which had three Mini’s in the starring roles. So it should not be a massive surprise to find that the Mini owned by German car giants BMW have now produced their own Mini Movie, pardon the pun!

However this is a fact essentially an advert that will be played at cinema’s before the main feature. This looks like it is going to be part of a series of advert films, that star a Mini Cooper and the a look a like of the Hollywood actor Ben Stiller, or maybe it really is Ben Stiller, in situation that looks unashamedly like a take on the “Starsky and Hutch” film and classic television series of the 1970’s.

The adverts are titled Hammer and Coop, and play on the adverts that where made to promote the New Mini when it was first developed and marketed in the UK, initially these adverts are going to be for the US market to coincide with the launch of the New Mini in the states, hopefully they will make their way elsewhere, as it would be a shame for everyone else to miss out on such an imaginative a funny series of car ads.

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