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Mini Coupe & Roadster Bound for U.S. Shores.

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2011 MINI Roadster Coupe

Yesterday I wrote about how MINI might need to rethink their marketing and product strategy as they’re starting to stray away from the small, sporty and economical cars that people know and love. With models like the Clubman and the upcoming Countryman it appeared that MINI was getting a bit chubby around the wheel wells, but now, with the promise of these two little hot rods, it seems that they’re back on track. What you are looking at is the new MINI Coupe and Roadster, cars that where shown as concepts at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show and that are now slated for production in 2011.

2011 MINI Coupe

Both of these cars provide a wicked little twist for the MINI brand as a whole. The Roadster still retains the original hood and body lines of the original car, but the roof has been significantly chopped and streamlined. The Roadster, essentially a Coupe with a retractable soft top, ditches the back seats of the original Cooper thus turning it into one bitchin’ little drop top.

2011 MINI Roadster

According to Mini Vice President Jim McDowel,“The Coupe will arrive six months after the Countryman, and the Roadster 12 months after the Countryman,”. The Countryman is slated to go on sale in February of 2011 so figure on seeing the Coupe’s appearance later on in July or August.

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  1. Set says:

    As if I didn’t love Mini enough… These two cars are amazing.