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Mini Cooper gets the Swarvoski treatment

Posted in Mini by davidallen | May 7th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Just when you thought that there was nothing left to completely cover with the now legendary Swarvoski Crystals, US based company Crystal Art Inc has taken the BMW owned British marque the Mini Cooper and produced a spectacular design named the American Icon.

The design which has a symbol of all of the fifty states is made up from over million of the tiny crystals, which from a distance are not really noticeable, but only on closer inspection can the individual crystals be seen.


The project has taken four people nearly six months to complete, and the design has some famous landmarks work into it, they include the Statue of Liberty, The White House, Mount Rushmore, The Hollywood sign, the Space Shuttle and of course naturally the US flag and the symbol of America the Eagle, this a totally innovated piece of work combing art and design.


Anyone wishing to see the car close up can see it at the Jacob Javits Center at the 2007 New York City Auto Show, which is really the only place that this should be shown, as it displays the unique way that cars can be transformed by art, the car will be there on Saturday, April 7th 2007 at 0930 hrs.

Should there someone who feels that they would just love to be seen driving this car around their neighborhood, then they would have to pay the price, which is estimated at over a massive one million dollars!

Source [Just Elite]


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