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Mini Clubman Set to Open its Doors to the Image Viewing Public

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MINI Clubman

The Mini Clubman is set for release on November 10th of this year and what buyers and gawkers alike will find is a Mini that is not a far stretch from the model it is designed from. The majority of the design cues that differentiate the Clubman are visible to the naked eye and do very little to take away from the very Mini within. So why bother making it to begin with some may ask?

Well… Why do auto makers make a 2-door coupe out of a 4-door sedan (Nissan Altima)? Why would Chrysler make a Jeep Wrangler that isn’t 4-wheel drive? Why would someone order 1-scoop of Orange Sherbet and 1-scoop of Watermelon Sherbet when they can just order 2-scoops of Rainbow Sherbet?
Shoppers have different tastes and inclinations and designers and manufacturers are always looking for ways to appeal to many interests. Or in other words it is called Making the Sale. And it seems that the Mini Clubman is looking to do just that.

MINI Clubman

Many Mini shoppers are there for the mixed value of economical driving and driving excitement. However, a feature that might turn off some potential buyers is the lack of a door to the second-row seats and a slightly less that idyllic capacity for “stuff.” The Clubman addresses those needs while still remaining true to its origins and true to the original Clubman decades ago.
The right-side suicide door of the Clubman functions just like the doors on the Mazda RX-8 only that there is one of them. But that door allows for easier access to the slightly more spacious back seats. When the rear seats are folded down the Clubman now has a greater capacity to house all that “stuff” we like to take with us on the road.

MINI Clubman

The Mini Clubman does nothing to stray from the curb appeal of its ever so slightly deminutive sibling. The available engines and S models will be available aswell in the Clubman and by next year a Clubman Convertible should appear in showrooms.

What do you think of the Mini Clubman? Would a Mini Clubman Cooper S model be enough to entice you to join the Mini Society?

If Mini’s are your thing you might want to head to the MotoringFile to get your Mini fix.

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