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MINI Attempts First Ever Unassisted Backflip

Posted in auto industry, Best of, European Rides, General, Hoonage, Mini, News, Rides, Stunts, Videos by MrAngry | January 8th, 2013 | 1 Response |

Mini Back Flip

They make a two-door, a four door, a convertible, an SUV-ish type thingy, a station wagon and a wicked little performance model called the JCW. This is MINI and over the years they’ve become the iPod of the automotive world. I mean they’re all essentially the same car with different wrappers. Now MINI’s new ad campaign seeks to send their audience into an even bigger frenzy by attempting to pull off the worlds first unassisted back flip (for a car that is) and in the process, gain a whole new host of fans. Is it a childish publicity stunt? Well yes… But that doesn’t keep us from wanting to see it! Click through for the preview.

Source: Youtube.com

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One Response

  1. Set says:

    Solid axles with a four link suspension is hardly a “Mini,” even in the modern version of the word (which is not to even begin talking about traditional). But, I suppose it’s still pretty cool. If it went wrong, he wouldn’t wake up the next morning. There’s way too much energy involved in that.