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Mind Blowing 1/4 Scale V8 Engine Video

Posted in Cool Stuff, Engines, Videos by Kurt Ernst | January 15th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

No, that's not a giant hand...

As a kid, I must have built dozens of top fuel and funny car models. Most were 1/25 scale, but about once a year I’d save up enough to buy a 1/16 scale model. Not only would I have to cut vinyl tubing for the fuel lines, but I’d also have to cut spark plug wires, with contrasting spark plug leads. I’d spend hours cutting, sanding, painting and gluing, and the net result proved that I wasn’t destined to be an artist. Most turned out good enough, but none ever came out the way that the ones in the photos did.

That’s why this 1/4 scale, functioning V8 engine just blows my mind. It not only looks real, it IS real. It displaces 6.09 cubic inches and puts out about 5.5 horsepower with the blower kit installed. In case you think that this is a one-off built by a crazed artisan, think again: this is a production motor, built by a group of crazed artisans. If you want one, Conley Precision would be more than happy to build one for you. Starting price is $5,695.00 for a normally aspirated engine, but you can add a blower for another $1,695.00. Want polished exhausts? That’ll add $599.00, painted valve covers would ad $125.00 and a high duration cam will set you back another $279.00. Check every single option box, and a Conley Precision engine will set you back $8,393.00, which is enough to buy some pretty serious full scale powerplants. Price aside, you can’t deny this: they’re damn cool, and you probably want one as much as I do.

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