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Miley Cyrus Drops 75K For A Mercedes CLK 550 Cabriolet, Swaps “Jail” For “Cop” Bait

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Expensive Cars, Luxury Cars, Mercedes Benz by Suzanne Denbow | September 4th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Two months before her 16th birthday, Disney Lolita Miley Cyrus has preordered herself a snow white Mercedes-Benz CLK 550 Cabriolet Convertible. According to celebrity gossip rag PopCrunch, for a meager $75,375 the pop princess specially requested a cream leather interior and optional park assist.¬†Miley purportedly wanted something special¬†for her big Sweet 16, so she bought the car as gift for herself that she can “pretend is from [my] parents!”.

We feel slightly dirty for reporting this story, and – wait just a second, we’ve got a phone call…alright, sorry for that interruption, it seems that Chris Hanson would like a word with us.

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