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Mild-Mannered Banker Fights Back, Steals Robbers Getaway Van

Posted in Bizarre, Cars, Ford, Newsworthy, Vans, Videos by Suzanne Denbow | February 19th, 2009 | 2 Responses |

Slightly reminiscent of Michael Douglas à la Falling Down, recently laid-off bank manager, Patrick Rosario, has made headlines after exacting his own brand of justice on a couple of would-be thieves. Apparently, Rosario had been home alone working quietly in his basement when he heard a deafening bang, followed immediately by the sound of running footsteps.

Admitted Rosario, “I wasn’t really worried until I heard running.”

Certain the activity he heard was not his wife, Rosario crept quickly and quietly up the basement steps to survey the scene from beneath the crack in the basement door. After visually confirming that he did not know the intruders, Rosario then listened as the men proceeded to rummage through his wife’s jewelry, lugging his large flat-screen TV towards the door. Making a run for it, Rosario managed to escape via the backdoor and circle around the to front of the house where he found the thieves’ get-away vehicle: a white minivan. When Rosario noticed the keys still idling in the ignition, he jumped in the vehicle and sped away, dialing 911 as he did so. When he returned to the scene with the police, the robbers were nowhere in sight, but all of Patrick’s belongings were piled on his front doorstep.

Source: Good Morning Yahoo!

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2 Responses

  1. will bee says:

    That is Classic…

    and if i was one to believe if Karma that would have to be considered INSTANT Karma.

  2. Butch Deadlift says:

    Damned bank managers. Just not a stable group of people.