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Michelin PLR

Posted in Citroen, Custom, Tires by Dustin Driver | February 5th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

It has ten wheels, four-wheel steering, two small-block Chevy V-8s, and a host of CitroĆ«n DS parts. It’s the PLR, a monstrous contraption created by Michelin in the ’70s to test truck tires. The thing weighs more than 10 metric tons and is capable of sustaining speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. And it looks like the Yellow Submarine on wheels.

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Via: Ran When Parked

The PLR packed two 350-ci. Chevy V-8s, one to power the rear six wheels, another to spin a mid-mounted truck tire for testing. The font four wheels steered the beast around a test track in France.

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