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Micheal Jackson’s ‘Ghost’ Graces Hood of Rover 200

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Gary Slogget of Stafford, England wasn’t thinking Thriller when he snapped photos of his old Rover 200 for an upcoming classified ad but, the King of Pop was thinking about Rover 200s.

It was not widely known but, M.J. had a particular affinity for used, uninspiring British automobiles. He never purchased any because he felt it might tarnish his completely spotless public image, one totally devoid of botched surgeries, accusations of child molestation, chimpanzee ownership and MaCaulay Culkin. Purchasing a worn-out Rover or Vauxhall would only confuse his adoring fans and the public alike, something that he never did.

As many believe, in death we are free. Jackson is no longer bound to a life of Escalades and Limos. He is free to pursue as many lackluster British autos as he desires.

The photo above, which clearly features a reflection of the ghost of Jackson’s face, not a cloud or two distorted into resemblance by the sweeping lines of the Rover’s hood, was taken only 11 hours after Jackson’s June 26 death.

Sloggett feels this ghostly manifestation is “Quite extraordinary.”

“To be honest I’m a bit of a skeptic and I’m not the world’s greatest Michael Jackson fan, but as soon as I saw the picture on my computer it set me thinking,” Sloggett said.

“I’m not saying I’ve been touched by any sort of presence, but it is pretty unusual. I was a bit bemused to say the least.”

Slogget, you need to wise up and realize you’ve been touched by an angel. Keep your eyes to the ungainly mid-90s British tin, Jackson fans, a man’s great passion in life will follow him in death.

Source: The Sun via The Car Lounge

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