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Mexico’s Mastretta MXT Sports Car

Posted in Fast Cars, Foreign Cars, Sports Cars by Alan Harten | August 6th, 2008 | 6 Responses |

The Mastretta MXT which has been developed by industrial design firm Tecnoidea, is a sporty two-seater coupé with an outside line inspired by rally race cars. It is twelve feet long, and five feet wide and less than four feet high.

This car, which is the mid-engine vehicle, has the advantage of putting 56% of its weight on the rear axle and just 44% in the front, thus achieving optimal levels of acceleration and braking. The gasoline engine is a 4-cylinder in-line, 240 bhp that has 16 valves and a turbocharger. The engine is coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission.

With only a fraction short of 2000lb in weight the engine can easily push the MXT up to a maximum speed of 149 mph, this coupé is the first high-performance sports designed and manufactured in Mexico.

The Mastretta MXT, which was presented at the Motor Show in London, has been designed taking into account existing legislation in the European Union for limited production vehicles, as this model is not intended to be manufactured on a large scale.

The MXT has a package of compact aerodynamic shapes, with a light chassis weight and reduced obstructions to the flow of air, which distributes airflow in a strategic way to aid with cutting through the air to increase speed and reduce fuel consumption.

The structure is made up of specially designed aluminium extrusions a first for this project. And utilizes some of the lightweight elements found in aluminum foil, which is combined with plastics to produce a lightweight but strong composite for the flooring panels.

The interior features an ergonomic and sporty design, has a cabin that is low but wide, with a high dashboard set-up and low nose, giving it a modern and surprisingly spacious interior

The MXT enjoys an advanced electronic management, which includes an instrument panel with the options of either RoadMode or RaceMode. In addition, this coupé has a stereo MP3 player, enveloping seating, air conditioning and heating, and a Hella lighting system.

The company intends to produce this sporting two-seater with a limit of just 80 cars in the first year, starting in January 2009.

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6 Responses

  1. frank says:

    its a beautiful car that has a look thats just as good or better than any other sports car on the market. cant wait for it to hit the u.s

  2. Aleley says:

    Muy buen coche en apariencia general

  3. masminto says:

    Its cool supercar with sexy color, I like it

  4. Freddy says:

    These the cheapest supercar that I ever see

  5. agnes widyawati says:

    This supercar similar with chevy camaro in the transformers movie

  6. Michelle says:

    The best Mexican supercar with yellow color, looks amazing and beatiful