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Meter Maid Tickets Cop Responding To Bank Robbery

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[Photo Source: Kvällsposten Expressen]

In Sweden, a local parking attendant was caught citing an illegally parked police car that had been abandoned by an officer responding to a nearby bank robbery. According to passing photographer Thomas Friström, he was incredulous when he observed the attendant taking down the police cruiser’s identification information. Shocked Friström later recounted to the Kvällsposten newspaper, “I asked if he hadn’t seen that there had just been a bank robbery. He replied: ‘I couldn’t give a crap?’ I could hardly believe my ears.”

Friström then continued to argue with the main, explaining that law enforcement personnel are exempt from standard traffic laws when responding to an emergency. Unswayed by Friström’s logic, the attendant finished his paperwork and slapped a citation on the cruiser’s windshield.

When the meter maid’s employer caught wind of the incident, they were inclined to agree with Friström. According to a statement released by a council spokeswoman Charlotte Vahtera, the man apparently experienced a change of heart. Explained Vahtera, “After the parking attendant became aware that he had made a mistake, he went back to the police and retracted the fine.”

[Source: TheLocal.se]

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