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Mercedes Tuner Väth’s Headers Are a Thing of Beauty

Posted in Car Accessories, car modifications, Mercedes Benz by Alex Kierstein | May 6th, 2009 | 1 Response |


One of many ways to make your Mercedes-Benz look sinister and Teutonic is to let Väth of Hösbach, Germany, massage your ride. They’ve just released these headers designed for the modern range of Mercedes V8s, and without even being able to read German you can tell that they’re quite beautiful. Combined with the right exhaust system we’re sure this would make Wagner weep with joy. This is aftermarket tuning done right, with a side of sauerkraut.

For example, you could put them on this E-Klasse wagon. If you do so, we urge you to get umlaut decals and put them over every letter in your license plate.


If that doesn’t make you want to bribe a Väth employee to let you take that car on a tour of every alpine pass in Bavaria, you might want to have yourself examined.

[Source: Väth via Autofiends]

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One Response

  1. mike dobjan says:

    i’m seriously looking for headers for my 1978 mercedes 450-SL. what do you recommend..