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Mercedes SLR McLaren: Only $11 Million and it’s Yours…

Posted in AMG, Best of, European Rides, FAIL, FAIL / Funny, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Rides by MrAngry | December 13th, 2011 | 12 Responses |

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

600 rubies, a bunch of 24-carat gold, a reported 35,000 hours of labor (I call bullshit on that one) and a for sale price tag of $11-million. This is an honest-to-goodness Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren that’s been ruined by Swiss entrepreneur, Ueli Anliker, a man who possesses what is perhaps the worst taste in all of automotive history. Apparently Anliker wanted to created his vision of the perfect automobile, but instead, destroyed one of the greatest cars to come out of the auto industry in the last 20 years. I mean seriously, this sucker looks like it was build behind some bodega in the South Bronx, and then used to sell crack to some deadbeat toothless hookers. UGH!! it’s freaking me out just looking at the photo’s…

Why Ueli Anliker, why would you do this to such a wonderful automobile???

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

Mercedes SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream

Source: BornRich.com

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12 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    Ordinarily, I’m the first person to defend anyone who customizes (or doesn’t customize) their car. It’s their property and it’s how they choose to express themselves….and their, uh, “tastes.” But this…..this is a crime against all that is right and just in the world.

    I don’t know who Ueli Anliker is, however, my guess is that he is now number 1 on Ron Dennis’s hit list.

  2. djrosa says:

    for things like this i think the death penalty is justified

  3. David Grover says:

    That vehicle is pimpin! I don’t give a damn what the article writer thinks here!

  4. MrAngry says:

    Dude… face it, this is awful.

  5. Lol, it looks so tacky; this is taking “Pimp My Ride” way too far. SLR is flawless and doesn’t need much customization. Paris Hilton’s McLaren was gorgeous. This one is just scary.

  6. Chris says:

    They couldn’t find more attractive models?

  7. Rod Munch says:

    What a train wreck. The model is very fitting, however. smh

  8. rildo says:

    11M? Anziker can be happy if he can sell it for the orignal car’s new price

  9. Danneh says:

    11mil for this plastic bucket?!
    this guy is better off selling my hotwheels
    but if i had the money i would buy it off him this instant and get Mercedes/Mclaren fix this poor car