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Mercedes May Become Completely Gas-free by 2015

This is a very difficult time for automakers, and they’re realizing these are the lean times, the make or break times; they’re realizing they need to take drastic measures to get their customers back. They need to make big promises.

Mercedes says it wants to stop using petroleum in it’s cars by 2015. That’s a pretty steep goal. 2015 may sound like the setting of a Ray Bradbury book but it’s only about 7 years away. They’re doing one of three things right now: either working their asses off to make this a reality, hoping the technology will just fall into line by the time 2015 rolls around, or simply making empty promises to generate buzz. Or maybe it’s all three.

They’re defintely making some progress though. They’ve already spent $3.4 million dollars on their no-gas idea, and plan on spending another $12 million before 2015 comes around. Mercedes owns the Smart cars line as well, and they plan on coming out with an all electric Smart car by 2010. That experience will help them in translating the technology into bigger cars like the rest of Mercedes line. They’re German, they’ll probably get it done.

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3 Responses

  1. GenuineNerd says:

    Perhaps Mercedes-Benz secretly and successfully broke the laws of physics and are coming up with a self-generating electric vehicle, that runs an unlimited range using the vehicle’s movement for generating electricity to keep the lithium ion battery fully charged. If not for that, and since not everybody, even luxury buyers, want an electric car that has a short range and a long recharge time (which has crippled electric cars in the past), that the self-generating electric car would be the only way Mercedes-Benz could go the 100% petroleum-free route by 2015. E-85 and biodiesel still contain petroleum products. If a combustion engine is used, perhaps it would be designed to run on PURE ethanol, not E-85, thus keeping the “petroleum-free” promise.

  2. David McDonald says:

    A self charging is easy as putting a dual rotar paralleled to the disc brake hub and gearing it drive a generator. This would apply to four tires and as long as the car is moving, the baterry would charge. The faster you go in MPH orKMH the higer generation of current supplied for the higher draw of KW power for the electric motor.

  3. RobNRichmondTX says:

    I think it is a great idea. It is about time that someone does something about the strangle hold big oil companies have on the world.