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Mercedes G-Wagen Turns The Big 3-0 With New EDITION30 Model

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To celebrate 30 years of kicking esel and taking namen, Mercedes-Benz has introduced two special editions of the famous G-Wagen, aptly dubbed the EDITION30 and EDITION30.PUR. For the infrequent off-roader or pseudo-gangster rapper (hard to be “from the hood” when you’re rolling in a $120k Benz, Big Tymer), the EDITION30 is by far the tamer, less battle-ready of the two. Underpinned by the G500’s W463 chassis, the G-Class EDITION30 comes stocked with all the luxury amenities, including poplar wood trim, “chablis” leather seats, and a G-Wagen-exclusive platinum black exterior paint job. For the hardcore G-Class enthusiasts, the EDITION30.PUR was built to strike fear in the hearts of all autokind. A throwback to the first generation G model, the EDITION30.PUR was based on the G 280 CDI platform and boasts an impressive array of off-roading accessories. Most notable among the EDITION30.PUR’s hardcore specs (at least to us), is the highly durable hood, engineered with enough strength to support the weight of an average human (or .5 chunky Americans) so as to provide easy access to the roof-rack.

Kicking off a pre-order-thon as we speak/type, the EDITION30.PUR is available for a cool €59,381 EUR ($74,410 USD), while pricing for the G500 EDITION30 begins at €97,461 EUR ($122,128 USD).

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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2 Responses

  1. Rock517 says:

    Who would want one of THESE??

  2. w says:

    Umm… the best offroader ever and the coolest SUV on the street – Id love one.