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Mercedes Brings You More Interactive Drama

Posted in Mercedes Benz, Videos by Kurt Ernst | March 4th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

If you liked Mercedes’ interactive, soft-core-porn movie tied to the launch of the SLK Roadster, chances are you’ll like their latest effort to promote the C-Class Coupe. Sometime this month, Mercedes-Benz will update the site to feature an interactive movie, but for now you’re stuck with the three trailers I’ve got posted after the jump. The first gives you an idea of what’s in store, complete with overly dramatized tag lines, under-fed models in Lycra bodysuits, bad acting, worse dialogue and a male lead who actually looks respectable with three days growth of facial hair. Me? I look like a homeless wino if I don’t shave everyday.

Is it me, or do you see the homage to Pulp Fiction in the trailer? You’ve got the mysterious suitcase (though this one isn’t glowing) and the Uma Thurman look-alike bank robber. It still needs hit men, ala John Travolta and Sam Jackson, but I’m holding out hope that the actual movie will deliver. Whatever you do, don’t use the trailer as a reference guide to handling firearms: you’ll only shoot a cut-down pump shotgun like the woman at 0:25 into the video once, and I have no idea what kind of grip she’s using a few seconds later.

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