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Mercedes-Benz SLM may be looking to be compete with Audi R8 line.

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Mercedes Benz SLM

What you are looking at here is a rendering that Automobile Magazine seems to think is the first in a new line of mid-engine vehicles that will allow Mercedes-Benz to compete directly with Audi’s R8 and BMW’s upcoming Vision coupe. Designated as the SLM the idea is to price the car about $20,000 less then Mercedes current SLS Gullwing. Apparently the new SLM series will not have any of the same characteristics as the SLS but instead borrow a modified version of its aluminum space-frame. There is also speculation that there could be a coupe, a roadster and a hatchback to round out the class. They are also reporting that power may come from a possible 350 hp twin-turbo V6 which would be paired to twin electric motors in the cars front ala’ the new 2012 Mercedes SLS E-Cell.

I like the idea that Mercedes is willing and starting to expand their product line with cars like the SLS and possible SLM. They need to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of automotive technology so they continue to hold their slot as a class leader. Plus it’s always nice to see a little down home competition amongst our friends in strudel land.

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