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Mercedes-Benz North America Recalls 102,954 M-Class SUVs

Posted in auto industry, Car Tech, Luxury Cars, Mercedes Benz, Newsworthy, Press Release, SUV, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | September 26th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Yesterday, Mercedes-Benz issued a recall on 102,954 M-Class SUVs because of a power-steering defect. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall, which will begin in October, is effective for all M-Class SUVs manufactured from 1998 through 2003.

The recall concerns a clamp used to secure a cooling hose in the M-Class power-steering system that may not hold enough force, allowing it to become loose. When the hose loosens, power-steering capability could diminish dramatically and the sudden loss of control could result in the vehicle crashing without warning. Currently, there is no official word on whether the defect has been responsible for any accidents, but the NHTSA did confirm that the pending recall is an addendum to an earlier recall that may have failed to fix the problem.


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