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Mercedes-Benz Financial Launches iPhone App, Easier Way To Drain Your Checking

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Thanks to the ingenious social marketing wizards employed by Mercedes-Benz Financial, you can now make the $500 payment on your leased GL500 while your date is freshening up in the girls’ room. Or, more likely, you can make the $500 payment from the floor of your broskie SoCal condo while you’re face down in the Berber carpet nursing a serious hangover. Either way, Mercedes-Benz Financial has made it easy and – dare we say – cool to fork over your scratch every month.

Since the new application’s official launch last week, Mercedes-Benz reports they’re already averaging 80-100 downloads a day, essentially confirming our previously held belief that the only people wealthy enough to afford an iPhone and its related service plan are either a.) in the upper tax bracket or b.) living off the fruits of Daddy’s labor. If you personally fall into one of the above mentioned catagories and have financed a Benz through Merc’s in-house financing arm, check out the site for yourself at Mercedes-BenzFinancial.com/iPhone.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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