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Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster Throws It Clear Back To 1886


Not to be confused with the battery-powered Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Sports Tourer hybrid introduced at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, the F-CELL Roadster unveiled today is a concept vehicle created by engineering students from Mercedes-Benz’s Germany-based Sindelfingen plant. A purely student-driven (no pun intended) project from the ground up, the F-CELL Roadster is the tangible result of an internal educational program aimed at providing hands-on training in automotive research, development, and production. Designed to pay homage to the rich history of Mercedes-Benz, the F-CELL Roadster cleverly integrates the design aesthetic of the first gasoline-powered automobile ever created more than 120 years ago with the cutting-edge electric hybrid technology of the 21st century. Precariously perched on a set of large-spoke wheels inspired by those found on the Benz Patent Motor Car in 1886, the F-CELL’s carbon fiber body houses an extremely advanced 1.2kW propulsion system capable of traveling up to 350km on a single charge.

“This project impressively demonstrates that the topic of sustainable mobility has become an integral part of our vocational training,” explained Mercedes-Benz Human Resources Board member and Labor Relations Manager, G√ľnther Fleig. “I am delighted to see how much initiative and creativity the young people have put into this project.”

Source: eMercedes-Benz via 4WheelsNews

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