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Mercedes Benz Expedition Camper: The Ulimate Zombie Stomper!

Posted in Cool Stuff, Cross Over Vehicle, Death Wish, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Favorite Cars, General, Mercedes Benz by MrAngry | June 17th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Mercedes Benz Zombie Stomper

We here at Ridelust.com are fascinated by zombies. I mean we know they exist because we’ve seen them in person, really we have. I’ve seen them multiple times on the NY subway at 4am and Kurt says he see’s them all the time down in Florida… apparently they drive Buick’s down there. Anyway since we know they’re out there we’re always trying to educate our readers on what vehicles they should have in the garage when the zombies do decide to take over the world. Not long ago Kurt ran an article entitled 10 Vehicles For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse and while all these vehicles are kick-ass, brain smooshing bad asses, my thought was that you can never have too many, so I decided to add one more to the list.

Mercedes Benz Zombie Stomper

What you see before you is the Mercedes Benz Unimog Expedition Camper and Zombie Crusher (ok I added that) and not only can it cradle you in comfort, but it has the ability to get you out of Dodge if necessary. Based on the go-anywhere Unimog, the Expedition Camper is truly capable of climbing any hill, forging any river and protecting you from the brain eating baddies. It features portal axles for extended ground clearance that allows for 30 degrees of axle articulation, a winch capable of pulling you up the side of the Empire State Building, a bathroom behind the driver’s seat in case you have to tinkle, a wash basin, shower and a corner kitchen with a two-burner gas stove. It also comes with nice pastel sheets and pillows to keep your spirits up when the zombies get you down.

Mercedes Benz Zombie Stomper

I’ve emailed Mercedes to see if they’re going to option this thing out with dual 30mm roof mounted mini-guns but I haven’t heard back yet. Don’t worry though… I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

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One Response

  1. db says:

    This rocks! But it appears the back is not connected to the cab- I wonder if that could be modded?