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1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD: Would you buy it?

Posted in European Rides, General, Mercedes Benz, Rides by MrAngry | April 25th, 2012 | 9 Responses |

Mercedes-Benz 300CD
*Photo Credit: Curious Cars

OK, so here’s a quickie question for all those car people out there. I’ve got an opportunity to purchase a 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD Coupe. It’s a one owner car with 154,000 miles on the clock. The body is in amazing shape as are the wheels and tires. The interior is in about a 5/10 condition with a price of $3,500.00. Keep in mind that these cars are known to be bulletproof in the reliability department and built like tanks, plus with the diesel mills they’ll also pull around 28 mpg highway and run for well… ever.

So there you go. It’s a 29 year old one owner Mercedes-Benz diesel with an OK interior, working everything and a moderate cool factor. What’s the verdict?

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9 Responses

  1. For a short time as a kid my family had an 87 300d that I absolutely fell in love with. If I had the chance to pick one up like it I would.

  2. JamesM says:

    Of course you should buy it, at $3500.00, you can’t afford not to buy it. Think of the possibilities. Granted, I can’t think of many but these types of things always seem to work themselves out. It’s either you buy this or you renew your internet porn subscriptions which I believe equals roughly 3500 dollars. The car wins every time.

  3. Scott Keels says:

    Buy it. These cars were built to run almost forever with minimal maintenance. As an automotive equivilent of an appliance, about the worst thing that can break is the vacuum- operated HVAC control, which is around $500. to fix. The coupes are the best of the series, particularly with a sunroof…the nicest-looking and best-built economy car ever created, I think. M-B would still be building forever cars today had the marketing department not hijacked the company.

  4. Buob says:

    Don’t think too much
    in my country you need at least $9,000 for W123 coupe with good body and original wheel

  5. djrosa says:

    id pick it up in a moment but i would change the “park Benches” for european style bumpers instead since those black plastic ones takes away all of its style.

    oh and another thing if you want to you know you can make a monster out of that car by turning up the pressure on the diesel pump and some other quite small tunes and get one up to 300 BHP (and oodles of tourque)

  6. KC French says:

    If you plan on having the interior fixed, don’t buy it. The stitching in the seats is double stitched and when an upholstery guy looks at it, he’ll shake his head and tell you it’s gonna be a nightmare. And the whole cool factor relies on you putting a bigger turbo, coil-overs, and BBS wheels on it. BTW it’s not worth the 3500 they’re asking with that many miles. I’d lowball them at 2500. Look at whats selling on craigslist and you will understand. Parts are scarce for these things and they aren’t cheap. Good luck!

  7. Set says:

    I love the old benz. You can run them on anything, they last forever, and they’re always a good car. I love that car as much as I hate new Mercs, so that should tell you something. I would definitely look at getting a couple more ponies out of the thing somehow, as it can sometimes be a bit… wanting up hills. Otherwise, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. rildo says:

    buy it and swap engine for a mb 500 V8 from this era – this really works and improves power and torque by far.

  9. jhg999 says: