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Megatron Tank Replica Guarantees An ‘A’ In Shop

Posted in Bizarre, General, Pop Culture by Kurt Ernst | February 28th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Sadly, the fusion cannon isn't functional. Image: Blastr

If you want to impress your metal shop teacher, building a wrought iron fireplace screen isn’t the way to go about it. Even fabricating a custom gas tank for the chopper that you’ll probably never build has been done before, so you really need to think outside the box if you want the best grade. Building a lifesize replica of the Transformer Megatron, on the other hand, will probably get your project the notice it deserves.

Image: Blastr

In this case, the five ton Megatron replica was built by a Chinese man whose name translates to “Steel Legend”. The tank isn’t functional, so Mr. Steel Legend won’t be taking over his province with Megatron’s fusion cannon any time soon. Trying to guess the parts used is like an “I Spy” for gear heads: for example, on the left track I see a truck’s oil pan, a truck wheel, a space-saver spare wheel, a brake disc and what looks to be the shell of a catalytic converter. I’ll give anyone bonus points if they can name the vehicles the parts were scavenged from.

Source: Blastr, via Neatorama

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One Response

  1. Taylor says:

    I’m gonna go with Tata and Mahindra for the win.