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Meet The Beckers Episode 1: Meet The Family – The New Audi Commercial

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This is the new Audi ad, in case you hadn’t realized exactly what it is. You may have mistaken it for a new sitcom. I think that’s pretty much what Audi was going for.

It’s called Meet the Beckers and it’s the story of a wealthy, dysfunctional family and their cars. Apparently centered on Jason the regular Audi driver. Instead of talking about Audi and it’s benefits or why it’s better than any other brand, it just hammers on the stereotypes of each high-end car driver. It actually reminds me of Arrested Development a whole lot, which makes it all the more hilarious.

Jason’s BWM driving brother Billy is the typical “turn up the volume on life” douche. He immediately cuts off a Prius and gives him the finger when he’s introduced. His drunken, country club-visiting father (The Commander) drives a Mercedes and has a young trophy wife in the passenger seat, browsing a catalog of adoptable little foreign children. He’s the type that bought the car because he has the money and is concerned with his image; he pulls away with the wipers on and turn signal blinking. And, the effeminate, henpecked yuppie Lewis, with his insane twin daughters (who call him “Lewis”), drives a Lexus. It’s hilariously accurate.

Judging from the website, there will be at least 2 more ads in this series. Hopefully they’ll be as funny as the first one.

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