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Meet Aaron Fotheringham aka, “WHEELZ”.

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This is Aaron Fotheringham, he’s 19, from Las Vegas, NV and was born with a disease called Spina Bifida in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. In Aaron’s case that means paralysis of the legs and confinement to a wheel chair. However if you think that’s slowed this 19 year old down, well you’d be dead wrong. You see Aaron is one of those rare individuals who simply never took no for an answer. If other people could do it, then hell… he could do it to. The route to get there may have been a bit different, but that has never stopped Aaron from doing things that most people would’ve thought impossible for a person with Spina Bifida. Taking queues from his older brother who was into BMX bikes, Aaron decided that (with a little prodding) that he could tackle anything the BMX’ers could do. So far Aaron has competed in the extreme sports Nitro Circus where he landed a 40 foot backflip, a double backfilp, and a front-flip without ever leaving his chair. He’s also one of the most humble athletes you’re ever likely to meet. Oh, and if you haven’t guessed yet why they call him Wheelz… well, I can’t help you. Click through for an amazing video.

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