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McQueen on Motorcycles: Does It Get Much Manlier?

Posted in General, History, Motorcycle, People, Stunts by Alex Kierstein | August 25th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

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Considering that we have a weakness for vintage motorcycles and a soft spot for anything Steve McQueen, this link to a scan of a 1966 Popular Science article of McQueen reviewing several dirtbikes of the time was too good to not share with you, our loyal readers. Not only is it pretty interesting to read about what passed for a dirtbike back then (a Triumph Bonneville 650?), but McQueen also discusses his own personal bike, built in collaboration with Rickman Motorcycles and their famous M&#233tisse-framed low production cycles. ” M&#233tisse” meant, in a loving sense, “bastard,” because Rickman stole the best kit off of various motorcycles, but he was singularly innovative in pioneering the technique of using the frame of the bike as both an oil tank and oil cooler. Sort of Erik Buell-esque. Anyways, a great read.

[Thanks to Knucklebuster for the link!]

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