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Mazda City Car Concept

Posted in Mazda by David | June 4th, 2008 | 1 Response |


As you can see from this drawing, it’s the first model to bring the design themes showcased by the company’s Nagare concept to reality. The sporty look of the 2 supermini is evolved with a taller roofline to boost headroom, but key details including dramatic slashes in the bodywork and short overhangs are retained.

The city car concept is likely to feature Perspex panels, plus sliding side doors and seats, which will increase practicality, too.

Imagine a car for the iPod Generation. That’s what this Mazda City Car Concept looks like to me. Smooth, and urbanesque. I can see this in many cities except for New York where it will only work if there’s a Taxi model.

Source: 24 Blue Sky

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One Response

  1. jordan says:

    Yeah, I can see this really working for someone who doesn’t mind not being able to see most of his surroundings.

    Seriously. Where would the driver’s head go in this thing, and then what angles of sight could he possibly achieve?