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Mazda Reaches For The SKY, Unveils Futuristic New Engine Lineup

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Next month, Mazda will arrive at the Tokyo Motor Show with its next generation of powertrains in tow, including the Mazda SKY-G direct injection gasoline engine, the Mazda SKY-D clean diesel engine, and the Mazda SKY Drive high-efficiency automatic transmission. Admittedly eager to throw their hat in the hybrid ring yet mindful of their sports enthusiast fan base, Mazda stresses that although their future product will highlight fuel-efficiency and environmental consciousness, it will not be to the detriment of performance.

Emphasizing their dedication to the perfect balance between responsibility and fun is Mazda’s “sky” theme itself, which is intended to represent Mazda’s philosophy that the driving experience should be an “…’everlasting blue sky’ under which drivers will always be able to enjoy the fun-to-drive pleasure afforded by owning a Mazda.”

Given our ardent affection for both the MazdaSPEED3 and the Miata (yeah yeah yeah, save the fruity jokes), we’re usually quick to throw our support behind most of Mazda’s projects, but this one makes us slightly wary. In the past, hybrid variants of our favorite cars have proven heavier and less exciting than the original, and we’d be loathe to see the thrill of Mazda’s hooning heritage felled to the green craze. So tread carefully, Mazda.

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