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Mazda Goes Green For 2009 Japanese All-Star Games

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As part of Japan’s NPB2008 Green Baseball Project, Mazda will be providing energy sourced solely from renewable resources to power two all-star baseball games. Using electricity generated from wind, solar, and biomass sources, Mazda will light the field at the Sapporo Dome on July 24th, and again at the Mazda ZOOM-ZOOM Stadium Hiroshima on July 25th.

More than just a well-planned publicity stunt, Mazda’s decision to sponsor the games is but one of many made by several corporations in response to the uncharacterically responsible stance taken by Japan’s 12 professional baseball teams to stop global warming. As part of the program, sponsors volunteering their resources purchase “Green Power Certificates” for x number of kilowatt hours, effectively reducing CO2 emissions by a projected 6.6 metric tons.

In other news, Japan has a professional baseball team?

Source: Mazda
Photo Cred: flickR thunderduck13

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