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Mazda Announces EU-Only 20th Anniversary MX-5

Posted in General, Mazda by Kurt Ernst | February 1st, 2010 | 1 Response |

2010 Mazda MX 5 Anniversary Edition

Alright, I’ll come clean – I’m a big fan of the Mazda MX-5 (aka Miata), and in fact own a lightly modded 2006 Sport version. Even I’m wondering what Mazda is thinking with their completely underwhelming 20th anniversary edition, to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Available with the 1.8 liter motor only, the car will come in red, white or blue paint, except in France where they’ll be sold in blue, white or red paint. Celebratory upgrades include color matched decorative interior bits, a front suspension brace and a serialized stainless steel scuff plate. Cue the sound of crickets now.

How about a special edition with the Cosworth blower on the 2.0 liter MZR motor and a coilover suspension? Make it available in the US, lose the “grinning-tapdole-on quaaludes” front end styling, paint it in the same Sapphire Blue Mica paint as the 10th Anniversary edition and I’ll be right in to put one on order.

Source: Carscoop

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One Response

  1. Jay says:

    Great article, great site!! I, too, love my 2006 Miata! I want some of those side fender marker lights, but I understand they are only available on the European version.