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Maybach Guard: The Ultimate Armored Limo

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Image: Maybach

The richest man in the world is Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu, who made his estimated $74 billion in telecommunications. I’m not sure where Mr. Helu lives, but I know this: sooner or later, he has to exit his secure compound and head out with the unwashed masses. When he does so, he’s now got a new choice of armored transportation befitting his net worth: Maybach has announced an armored version of their 62, called the Maybach Guard. Like the Maybach 62, the Maybach Guard offers a near-endless level of customization to suit an owners tastes. Unlike other armored limousines, the Maybach Guard isn’t a heavy, waddling pig at speed. In fact, Maybach is quick to point out that the specially developed armor plating adds just 893 pounds to the car and has no effect on handling. Even acceleration remains impressive, with 62 miles per hour coming up from a standing start in just 5.7 seconds. It’s the world’s fastest armored limo, too, with an electronically limited top speed of 155 miles per hour.

Now THAT'S a plush safe room. Image: Maybach

Maybach doesn’t provide the same level of detail on the Maybach Guard’s armoring, so we can’t tell you what it will stop and what it won’t. Since the car is really aimed at heads of state, that may be deliberate on Maybach’s part, but I think it’s safe to say that the car will withstand anything an armored BMW 7 Series or an armored Audi A 8 will, and then some. As you’d expect, pricing isn’t mentioned, because if you’re concerned about it you’re probably not a serious buyer.

Source: Autoblog

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