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Maybach 72 Comes With Room For You, Posse, & Video Ho’s

Posted in Car Auctions, Custom, New Cars by Suzanne Denbow | December 12th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Currently up for sale on the private market for a cool $780,000 (or approximately 12 cases of Patron), this 2004 custom stretch Maybach 72 is a definite sign that the global economic woes are affecting even the upper crust. Other than the year, make, model, and price, very little is known about the vehicle other than its obviously been heavily modified to accommodate a large number of people (or, as is more likely, the entire board of directors for Def Jam records). Although the exterior alterations appear to be fairly drastic, we assume the Maybach 72’s engine is still the 62’s pristine 6.0L V12 and is thus still capable of producing 543 horsepower at 5250 rpm and 664 pound-feet of torque at 2300-3000 rpm. Now on paper, the Maybach 62’s engineering powerhouse is supposed to achieve 0-62 mph in under five seconds, but given the 72’s extra 10 centimeters of steel and what we assume to be 12 extra passengers, that five second track time has probably been altered just a tad.

Source: Motor Authority

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  1. Model Cars says:

    Awesome ride…but the original was a beautiful car too. Sometimes when people take already awesome cars and make limo’s out of them, they wreck them. The Maybach is an awesome car…but made into a limo, looks a bit odd.