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Maybach 62 S Limo, “One man, One engine”. Video

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The Maybach 62 S now as the fourth and latest variant of the model range of luxury limousine company Maybach. It is particularly suitable for being chauffeur driven and meets the highest standards with regard to space, comfort and dynamism.

With this perfect combination defines the Maybach 62 S which sets new standards at the top of the car industry and is also the tradition of the legendary Maybach limousines cater to the elite of the international limousine users.

Externally is the Maybach 62 S model has a modified front end with a more developed, powerful cooler design. New, distinctive 20-inch spoke wheels and the revised design of the light units. Like the 57 S model is the new Maybach 62 S in a monochrome only these two types reserved for black or a silver hue elaborately painted.

Upon request, customers can also choose the new special paint in shimmering white. A discreet “62 S” logo adorns the front fenders in the area below the A pillar and the rear lid, and a revised rear apron with two integral, trapezoidal tailpipes of the exhaust system signals the high performance potential of the 62 S. This dynamic and elegant appearance illustrated in State that the Maybach 62 S under the luxury-car driver own class.

Certainly Maybach style expresses the extravagant luxury and outstanding comfort in the interior of the 62 S. There are high-quality materials in typical Maybach fashion, with perfect craftsmanship. Carefully coordinated applications of fine piano lacquer and sporty carbon create an atmosphere of exclusive elegance. A newly designed, precious leather interior is also striking and tasteful accents.

For superior performance in any situation, a Mercedes-AMG advanced V12 engine. The twelve-cylinder power plant in the Maybach 62 S produced from a six litre engine capacity thanks to water charged air-cooling.

With a sprint in just 5.2 seconds from zero 60mph demonstrates the Maybach 62 S has extraordinary capacity. The maximum speed for your chauffeur to get you over to your Lear Jet is 155mph so you can make that meeting in Dubai.

The exclusivity of the powerful twelve-cylinder engine documented a plaque on the engine cover with the personal signature of the Mercedes-AMG technician, the engine under the motto “One man, one engine”.

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