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May Sets Records in Hybrid Searches

Posted in Emissions, General, Hybrid by will bee | June 4th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

It was reported on Autobloggreen.com that hybrid auto searches reached record numbers in May on Cars.com. Surely the peak in gas prices that occurred in May had little to do with this, right?

toyota prius hybrid car auto

With three new Hybrids fresh on the market and high fuel prices souring the driving season a new hybrid would be a wonderful addition. There are tricks to seeking out the right hybrid for you and more research needs to be performed. Before you make your choice on a new hybrid research your choice on fueleconomy.com to determine the cars long term value, fuel economy and federal tax deduction.

saturn vue hybrid auto car

To read the complete article and to see the rankings by search click below:

Searches for Hybrid Cars Skyrocket on Cars.com in May

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