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Maverick and Goose Would Approve: Tramontana F1 on Tarmac

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“I feel the need …. The need for speed.” The St. Moritz Automobile Club must have watched Top Gun a few times, because they were able to shut down an Alpine airport for an hour in order to give the Tramontana F1 and its friends some time on the tarmac. A photographer by the name of David Kaiser snapped these shots of the absolutely wicked Tramontana in full fighter regalia. Kaiser even says it sounds like a jet! Make the jump for a gallery of the F1.


The Tramontana F1 is a Spanish supercar, packing a Mercedes 5.5L V12 with twin turbochargers, which makes a flight-capable 710 HP … in a car weighing a shade under 2,800 lbs. The F1 can hustle to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds on its carbon fiber and magnesium wheels, which are open like the F1 cars that gave the Tramontana its name. We think this aircraft-inspired paintjob is perfectly in line with the over-the-top Tramontana. Enjoy the photos.

[Source: David Kaiser via Autoblog]

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