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Matt Farah Judges the 24 Hours of Lemons

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The Smoking Tire

A few years ago I got my first taste of the 24 Hours of Lemons when I raced a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair up in Staford Springs, CT. The car was arguably the worst thing I’ve ever driven, but in the end it had an engine that just wouldn’t quit. The following year we ran a 1979 Buick Regal with a 301 cubic-inch small block, however while the car was great, the engine simply wasn’t long for this world. If you’ve ever been a competitor in Lemons then you know that your fate, at some point, will wind up in the hands of the judges. These icons of the judicial system have the right to levy penalties for just about anything they wish, which means at days end, they can either make or break your team. Smoking Tire host Matt Farah recently had the chance to be a guest judge at Lemons where he had the opportunity to impart his vast array of knowledge and wisdom on the poor unsuspecting competitors.

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