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Marussia Concept Echoes Host of Supercar Design Cues

Posted in Concept Cars, Design, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Ferrari, Ford GT, General, Lamborghini, Sports Cars by Chris | June 10th, 2009 | 1 Response |


It’s very hard to find original car designs anymore, especially attractive ones. Like women, there are just certain features in cars that are timelessly beautiful, even after accounting for individual tastes. So after a while, it’s not surprising that exotic cars begin to look pretty similar. But when we look at Krasnov Igor’s Marussia concept, we find an unusually high number of familiar design cues. There are so many, in fact, that it can be sort of a game trying to name them all.

For instance, the front end has the overall smoothness and the headlights of an F430. But the gaping front intakes evoke the Murcielago. In the rear, this mid-engine car has a Ford GT sort of rear end, except the taillights have been super-sized into jet thrusters a la Batmobile. The forward leaning cockpit does have a Zonda feel to it. Overall, though, the flat polygonal surfaces inspire more Reventon than anything else.

Check out the gallery and tell us if we missed anything.

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One Response

  1. sam says:

    wow, looking at the huge front intakes and the taillights I thought it was a daul gas turbine car… that would be so sexy