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Mark Webber Discusses The Australian Grand Prix

Posted in Formula 1, Racing Coverage, Videos by Kurt Ernst | March 30th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Red Bull Renault did an impressive job of dominating the 2010 F1 season, taking home the constructor’s championship plus first and third in the driver’s point standings. In pre-season testing, Red Bull Renault driver Sebastian Vettel consistently set the fastest times, with teammate Mark Webber struggling to find the same pace. Last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, the season opener, proved to be more of the same. Vettel started from the pole and set a blistering pace, racking up a 2.4 second lead on just the first lap. Mark Webber, who started from the third spot, had to settle for a disappointing fifth place finish at his home race. In the interview below, Webber gives some insight as to why this year is proving even more difficult for the Australian driver than last year.

I’m not aware of any driver or team happy with the switch to Pirelli tires, which will undoubtedly improve as the season goes on. Webber’s comments seem to back up what most of us have suspected all along: KERS is more for show than for an actual performance boost, and the driver adjustable rear wing isn’t likely to improve an attacking driver’s chances of passing a slower opponent. Let’s hope that other teams can find the speed to take on Vettel by Malaysia, otherwise it’s going to be just another “follow the leader” season.

Source: YouTube F1fansite

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