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Many new super car owners attempting to tame their 500+ hp cars are getting bucked

Posted in Design, Ferrari, General, Roadster by will bee | July 29th, 2007 | 1 Response |

CGTSo just as there have been posts about the rich getting richer and a number of new members to the tawdry millionaires club so too has risen the number of exotic and high performance sports cars. Those cars that exceed 500+ horsepower and lure their new and often inexperienced drivers into an added sense of invincibility. As the number of super cars on the road reach new heights it only seems logical to some that so would the percentage of super cars involved in accidents.

A Wall Street Journal article that based its information off of CNW Marketing Research said that there were 8,400 “ultraluxury” exotic sport cars sold just this last year. As they stated, that is over three times as many that were sold in 2003. Accidents in California in that same class of cars alone rose 81% over the number of reported accidents for such in 2002. Is this to say that not only are the number of rich drivers increasing but those “New Rich” are getting stupider… or as they put it nicely, more “immature.”

Bugatti Veyron

One day at work I got a call from my cousin. He was held up in traffic do to an accident that occurred. As he got closer he found the two cars involved in the collision to be a Dodge Viper and a Roush Mustang. Besides some understandable expressions of mourning for the cars his first words for the drivers involved were, “dumb asses.”
That seems to be a reoccurring theme for the drivers of these exotics when they have been in accidents and walked away unharmed (as seems to have been the case for most of them). As they stand there in dismay over their mangled automotive investment and ponder the death or injury that could have been the bystanders and passing motorists are sharing thoughts such as these taken from the Wall Street Journal: “Wow, you are really having a bad day,” “That is really a bummer,” and “Your toy is broke.” I am certain we could think of more imaginable offerings.
For many of the drivers in these exotic somersault events the term “Lucky” really sums it up. The photos of the Ferrari down below have been making their way across the web for over a year now.
Finished Ferrari 4Finished Ferrari

Many of the manufacturers of these high-powered luxury rockets offer driving schools for their new customers. I would not be one to make those classes mandatory as a whole, but maybe the manufacturers should do that themselves. Besides, if I had the money to buy a Bugatti Veyron, with its top speed of 254-mph, you could bet your bottom dollar that Iwould be willing to take some time off to visit Europe for some training on how to better maneuver my new toy in all driving conditions.


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One Response

  1. Dr John says:

    Supercars in Thailand.

    Yes, 250 kph on Bagna Trat Expressway. Almost every Sunday.
    My personal record was 280 clicks n a Bentley
    Continental Silver Spur.

    Dr John