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Mansory Bentley Vitesse Rosé Challenges Our Faith In Humanity


Well, the good news is that production will be limited to just three cars.

According to an inexplicably proud Mansory, Vitesse is the French word for “velocity” and although they did not admit as much, Rosé is apparently the French word for “abomination to the senses.” Together, along with what was once a beautiful stock Bentley Continental GT, they combine to form the Mansory Bentley Vitesse Rosé, which was introduced this week to a speechless audience at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

If you can imagine it, the exterior paint job isn’t even the most egregious design flaw. The interior of the Vitesse Rosé is covered in pink and purple, plus a few carbon fiber accents to really confuse its sexuality. Not even the engine, not even the glorious W12 famous for its ability to generate peak torque at just 1600 rpm, managed to escape unscathed. Oh, the humanity.

Source: Mansory

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