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Man Steals Ambulance with Paramedics and Patient in Back.

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Jimmy McCoy

Meet Jimmy McCoy, he’s the 27 year old schmuck who decided that he was better at being a paramedic than the paramedics themselves. This past Sunday, in the West Superior section of Chicago one of McCoy’s family members was being treated in the back of an ambulance for a diabetic episode. McCoy, who has apparently been arrested 32 times prior to this incident decided that the medical personnel was taking to long administering treatment, so he jumped behind the steering wheel and proceeded to hit the gas pedal in the ambulance. The rear seated paramedics immediately called for help via radio stating,

“This is ambulance 23. Our ambulance has been stolen, and we are in the back with a patient,”

Thankfully an accompanying fire truck was able to catch up to the stolen ambulance and bring it to a halt without incident. Police officers at the scene said that McCoy thought he’d be able to get the patient to the hospital quicker. Did I mention this guy had been arrested 32 times?

Source: ChicagoSunTimes.com

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