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Man Slapped With Littering Fine After Throwing Beer Can Out Car Window, With Video Bonus

Posted in Fuel, Funny Videos, Gas Prices, Newsworthy, Traffic, Travel, Videos by Suzanne Denbow | September 19th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

In Mississippi Mills, police officers stopped a man under the suspicion of driving under the influence after a can of beer was tossed from the window. According to the OttoawaCitizen.com, the Lanark County officers had been monitoring traffic with a radar gun when Terry Samek drove past, throwing an open container of beer from his window. Apparently, the open container landed right in front of the cruiser. Astutely observing that Samek could possibly be driving drunk, the officers pursued the vehicle. When Samek was finally pulled over a short distance away, he was charged with littering and having an open container of alcohol in his motor vehicle.

Not specifically related to the above story, but an oldie but goodie in the world of funny DUI videos.

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