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Male Flight Attendant Accused of Sexually Harassing Female Passenger [Briefly Ponder The Incongruencies]

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“Coffee, tea, or me?”

In addition to the JetBlue pilots arrested Sunday on assault charges relating to a strip club dispute, yet another JetBlue employee has completely shamed the company. In an interview with CBS, New Jersey native Gina Rousett reported that she is still heavily traumatized by treatment she received on a JetBlue flight she took eight months ago from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Newark, NJ.

According to Rousett, during her flight, she was the unwelcome recipient of JetBlue steward Dayne Arokium’s repeated, aggressive sexual advances. “He literally told me he was going to have nobody sit next to me because I was all his,” Rousett recalled, “I was definitely trapped.” Through the duration of the flight, Rousett claims that Arokium’s behavior grew increasingly more obscene, ultimately reaching its peak [snigger] when Arokium showed Roussett full-body nude pictures of himself he had stored on his camera phone [10 bucks says they made his MySpace page…do I hear $20?].

Despite the unbearable treatment, Rousett remained silent during her flight, and no legal action was taken until seven months later when Arokium was arrested and charged with obscene and indecent exposure as well as making lewd, obscene and indecent sexual proposals. In court documents, Arokium admitted to showing Rousett the pictures and to “making sexual advances,” but, apparently lacking a firm grasp of the meaning of the term, denied “acting in a harassing manner.”

Currently, Arokium has yet to enter a plea, but JetBlue has already taken the preemptive action of relieving him of his duties.

[News Source: NY WCBSTV 2]

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