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Making The Dodge Challenger ‘Freedom’ Commercial

Posted in Car Stunts, Cool Stuff, Dodge, Funny Videos, General, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 8th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Remember the new Dodge Challenger commercial we told you about here? The one where George Washington is driving a black Dodge Challenger with a massive American flag into a skirmish line of British troops? The one where Washington is flanked by two other black Challengers as they scatter the retreating British?

Dodge made a follow-up video that describes the making of the original, and it’s pretty cool. It really gives you a sense of how difficult it was to pull off the filming, and I love the fact that the art director was shooting stills on an antique view camera. Props to Dodge; not only are they building good cars these days, but they’re making some pretty cool ads, too.

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