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Mahindra Pik-Up Coming, Naan Wholesalers Rejoice

Posted in 4x4, Car Branding, Diesel, New Cars, Newsworthy, Trucks by Alex Kierstein | June 29th, 2009 | 2 Responses |

mahindra Pikup

No, that’s not a typo – Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian truck manufacturer famed for its Jeep replicas, is still on track to bring their “Pik-Up” stateside by the end of the year. You may remember it as the rather homely pickup formerly known as the “Appalachian,” whose moonshine-y sounding name must have been a casualty of the Hindi-to-English translation game. However, even the Pik-Up name might fall by the wayside as Mahindra’s American distribution partner, Global Vehicles USA of Atlanta, wants to use alphanumerics to designate North American trucks. In any event, why consider a Mahindra truck? A powerful and frugal 2.2L turbodiesel making 140 HP and 236 ft-lbs of torque will make it the only compact pickup in the US to offer a diesel, a fuel economy of more than 30 MPG on the freeway, and its mid-$20,000 price range should make it appeal to a wide variety of tradespeople.

Not familiar with Mahindra & Mahindra? Founded in 1945 to produce the famous WWII Jeep for American use in Asia, the company has exploded to become a huge conglomerate producing trucks and agricultural equipment. They also have recently partnered with Renault to build the low-cost Logan and with Ford to produce the Fiesta for local consumption. Their trucks have drawn praise from reviewers, but we’ll see how the US market reacts when M&M franchises start popping up.

[Source: NYT]

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2 Responses

  1. S.A. says:

    I think with the US economy in the toilet and the price of fuel uncertain,
    who wouldn’t appreciate a 2.2L common rail Diesel powered engine that can easily get 30 MPG. It looks like the Toyota Hilux in Thailand and they run FOREVER! I woulndn’t be ashamed to be the first one on my block to own one. Detroit had their chance…!

  2. Rob In PA says:

    Absolutely. I may buy one for the family. I love diesels and cannot buy them here is the great ol usa. I drive an 05 Ford 6.0 Diesel F-250 but besides that , choice is limited. Diesel is better always has been, always will be. Detroit can but wont. PS you cannot convert a gas engine designed for 8.5-1 compression to 21-1 without problems, duh! Japan has decided to not. Rock on mahindra and germany!