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Mac Motorcycles Offers 4 Minimalist Designs With Buell Engines For BMW Prices

Posted in Design, General, Motorcycle, Sportbikes by Chris | May 29th, 2009 | 6 Responses |


Someday, we’ll all look back on this decade and think of it as the real “Golden Age” of motorcycles. The Big Four Japanese makers have set a furious pace of competition–effectively obsoleting models more than two years old–and made the annual Supersport and Literbike comparo shootouts something of a Superbowl/UFC competition every spring. But progress comes at the cost of more weight, more complexity, and more technological interference. For those who like insane performance, that’s a good thing. For those who like riding, well, it’s not.

“What underpins Mac Motorcycles’ philosophy is the belief that the riding experience and the stories that go with motorcycle journeys seem to have been hijacked by technology and plastic,” says Ellis Pitt, the creator of the upstart British Company responsible for the minimalist designs you see above and after the jump in the gallery, designs which get you back to “what it’s all about.”

Mac Motorcycles has release renderings of four different models all utilizing the same air-cooled 500cc single-cylinder engine that powers the Buell Blast. Like Victory Motorcycles, Mac simply reinvents the flesh around the bike’s heart to fit different personalities and such. What’s not clear is–well–what precisely those personalities are. I’m rusty on my British slang, so I’ll simply reprint the press release here:

“There are 4 different models; ‘Spud‘, for dossing about on, ‘Ruby‘, the motorcycle equivalent of ‘the girl-next-door’, ‘Pea Shooter‘, for squirting to your favourite pub and gassing with your mates and the ‘Roarer‘, a modern-day dinosaur-chaser!”

I haven’t the slightest what a dinosaur chaser is. Maybe a Pepsi? Perhaps a Corona or just a plain old lime? Who knows.

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would gladly purchase purist machines like these, as the stripped-down design language seems to be the new trend in off-beat Bike makers, but with prices ranging from $12,000-$16,000, you’re being asked to pay an awful lot for the luxury of ‘deleted options’. And unlike the Scuderia, there’s no 500hp V-8 to make it all seem worth it.

















Images: Mac Motorcycles via autoblog

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6 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    I’ll take a dinosaur chaser in black, please. I’d love to doss around on it.

  2. litrebiker says:

    looks cool..shame the engine is so pathetic, would it beat a scooter?

  3. Jon says:

    I wish H-D could be this creative.

  4. Uncle B says:

    Sad to see the big 650 cc range British bikes go! They will always be the best in my mind just for the sound and the good vibrations! Harley’s always priced themselves off the market, Japan blew them all away! Cheap, fast and for everyone! Looking forward to Yamaha’s 250 cc hybrid bike! Should be a blast and economical too! Possibly not for the fatter-assed American who needs large cubic inches displacement just to carry the weight, but great for lighter-bodied folk of Asia and Europe! I weigh in at 200 pounds, a bit high for the Jap bike crowd, but I don’t need 1200cc’s plus just to take the weight! Bikes should be sold by rider weight classes as well as raw power!

  5. These are awesome looking designs. The renderings look like real photography. Nice.


  6. BuellBlastard says:

    All’s i’d do is swap his motor for my 600cc overbored overpowered buell monster with lobe’d out cams, my rejet for more 110cam2 and my better flowing intake/exhaust :-D but other than that, epic bike! Lol