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Lustable: Wicked ’68 Porsche 911 T/R Racecar For Sale

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We here at Ridelust have a deep, abiding love for Fantasy Junction, a magical place where if you have a deep enough pocket you can actually walk away with something that they offer. If not, you can gawk and gape, but be careful not to let your dropping chin dent a valuable Monteverdi … or this positively LUST-tastic ’68 911 T/R, packing a twin-plug, 220 HP, 2 liter flat-six from a Porsche 906 sports racer. But as to price, if you have to ask … well, you can ask, but you’ll have to make the jump to get an answer.


A cool $265,000 will get you the keys to this very rare and fairly correct model. It has period race history too, with documentation, all essential if you decide to campaign this old girl in vintage racing. We won’t pretend to be concours-level appraisers, but other than being fitted with this non-original but period-correct and very desirable 906 engine, it looks pretty perfect. And just look at that livery! It’s simple, yet striking. Only 35 were made, so it’s rare too. Plus you’ll impress the high-falutin’ snot out of all of those R-Gruppe guys if you get it. What are you waiting for? Cut a check and give us a ride!!!

[Source: Fantasy Junction]

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