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LUSTable: 1967 Volvo 122 with a Buick 215!

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Even though our esteemed editor and famed Volvo aficionado Suzanne joked once that “there’s probably a total of 7 people in the Continental U.S. that would salivate over a Volvo,” this sweet 122 begs to differ. Bring-a-Trailer brought the eBay ad to our attention, so take the jump and get some paper towels to catch the saliva.


Most modded Volvos seem to go the Ford route, probably because of the ease of bolting in a 5.0L into the later cars. But if you’re going that route, why not just cut some T-tops into the roof, fill the trunk will Natty Ice cans, and cruise around town playing “Eye of the Tiger” full blast through your Kragen-sourced sound system?

<i>Buick 215 - really clean and neat install.</i>

Buick 215 - really clean and neat install.

If you’re going to mess with Swedish steel, friend, you need a touch of class. This beaut is packing an all-aluminum Buick 215, the motor that went on to power great British sportscars (possibly their only saving grace). The Buick 215 was the lightest V8 in the world, and could easily make 200 HP in OEM applications. This 122’s engine has a hot cam and a 4-barrel to make a legit 220 HP, way more than the Volvo B16’s 66 HP stock. Some subtle mods like Ford disc brakes and a Mustang II front end make this a liveable update. Just swap out the Lokar slushbox for a proper manual (maybe a T-5?) and hit the road.

[Source: Ebay via BAT. Images: BAT]

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