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Lust List: Gifts for Gearheads

Posted in Car Accessories, Classic, Cool Stuff, Lists by Dustin Driver | December 20th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Us gear heads dream of Miuras wrapped in red bows, of split-window Vettes nestled under the Christmas tree. Sadly, we’ll have to make due with a gizmo that’ll turn our lifeless commuters into super cars, or a perfect scale model of that lusted-after ride. A RideLust Holiday Gift Guide is here!

AUTOArt Diecast Models

We all lust after certain unobtainable automobiles, from mid-60s Italian super cars to rare British racers. At AUTOart, they make absolutely perfect recreations of those dream cars in 1:18 scale. Seen here is a frankly lewd Lamborghini Miura SV and a sinister, Monte Carlo-winning Lancia Fulvia. AUTOart makes hundreds of other models, from Ford Cortinas to Toyota 2000 GTs to BMW M3s. They are amazingly detailed and feature doors and hoods that open to reveal flawless interiors and engine bays. Most retail for around $120.


GMP Model Engines

Model cars are fantastic, but real gear heads wanna see what’s inside. GMP makes some of the most accurate reproduction engines available. For example, this 1:6-scale Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta V12 is a perfect reproduction of the screaming dual-cam monster, complete with transmission. Even better, the engine reproduces the sound of the original (the big red button). GMP makes several other engines, including a few big-block V8s and a Ferrari 312 PB flat(ish) 12. Unfortunately, you have to pay for perfection. GMP engines retail for around $500.



Patrick Calello designed Automoblox to inspire young gear heads to get into automotive design. Mission accomplished. The beachwood cars can be broken into pieces and reassembled into your own creations in minutes. They are extremely durable, made of solid wood and impact-resistant plastic. They even have real rubber tires. New collections include sweet hot rods and street cars. Automoblox are made to last, to be handed down from generation to generation. If your kid can ever get you to stop playing with them. Cost: around $50.


Top Gear Blu-ray

It’s hands down the best car-related show ever. The Top Gear hosts have been tearing up the test track and busting guts for more than 15 years. But until now, us ‘Mericans didn’t have access to the Brits’ witty humor and hoontastic antics. Now the BBC has released DVDs and Blu-ray discs of the show for our consumption. You’ll find nearly every season at Amazon, along with super-spectacular specials like the Polar adventure pictured here. Get the gear head in your life a few of them. They’ll thank you. Retail: $20-40.

Amazon: Top Gear

Piloti Shoes

Everybody could use some new kicks. Might as well make them a pair of Pilotis. They’re awesome driving shoes—nimble, flexible, and down for heel-toe action. They’re stylish, too. Throw a pair of these Tamburello sneaks on your gear head’s feet and they’ll be the envy of all the trendy hipsters in your hood. Price? Only $90.


Ferrari Track Suit

Your whip-cracking douchebag boss drives a Ferrari 308. He would probably LOVE this silky smooth Ferrari track suit. Just be sure to get one that’s big enough to fit over his flabby belly. Gold chain sold separately. $159


Soundracer V8/V10

I’ve written about this before and I still think it’s a wicked-cool gift for a gear head. The Soundracer is a gizmo that fits in your car’s cigarette lighter (or power port). It monitors engine RPMs and transmits the sound of a screaming V10 or roaring V8 to your stereo via FM radio. As you can see from this video, it’s a hoot. However, a few Amazon shoppers got dud Soundracer units, so there are likely some quality control issues at the Soundracer factory. Price: $50

Amazon: Soundracer V8

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